it roCkS!bikes CS_04 “Stealth”

Cs 0402192

A it roCkS!bikes é já uma habitué cá da casa, logo, já devem ter lido os nomes do Osvaldo e do Alexandre em qualquer destes posts aqui.

Hoje chegam-nos com a Stealth, uma Yamaha XJR 1300 SP de 2003 preparada para um amigo que inicialmente nem queria alterar muito da mota original mas, quando it roCkS!bikes lhe meteu as mãos, fez o bicho que têm à vossa frente em que apenas mantiveram depósito, motor, parte do quadro, amortecedores traseiros, jantes e travões.

A partir daqui deixamos que o Osvaldo e o Alexandre falem pelo seu trabalho, é bom percebermos minuciosamente o seu trabalho:

All the parts of the bike were disassembled and from the original bike we kept the gas tank, engine, part of the frame, swingarm, rear shocks, wheels and brakes.

In the front, we fitted an Kawasaki ZXR up-side-down fork and Brembo brake calipers. To fit all together we had to fabricate aluminum CNC 3D adapters for the calipers and axles for the wheels and steering column.

On the rear, we refurbish the original Ohlins double shocks.
The original tires were replaced by a set of Dunlop Sportmax, in stock sizes.
The engine, which was in fair good condition, was painted in matte black and all the bolts were replaced.

The original air box was removed and we designed our own set of velocity stacks with filter, custom built by us especially for this project, in CNC 3D aluminum plates. To protect the air filters from direct water and dust, we fabricated a fender for the rear wheel. 

The exhaust is a 4-2-1 titanium piece, with thermal wraps in the headers. Since the air flow was fairly improved, the carbs were re-jetted and properly tuned. The oil cooler is a very small high performance part and it was fitted with new oil lines. 

The lithium battery was displaced to the rear end of the bike and it fits a charger. The braking system was improved with new brake lines and Brembo calipers. We used a digital dashboard from “Motogadget motoscope pro”, with several information like revcounter, speedo, 0-100km/h acceleration, g-meter. This unit was mounted in one aluminum bracket designed by us and cuted into CNC. 

The aluminum footpegs are custom made by us. The license plate and turning lights are “Rizoma”, and the controls are “Motogadget” m-Switch. Since we had to keep the stock gas tank in this bike, we fabricated the seat and the metal rear section with a shape that follows the tank lines. The front and rear fender are custom fabricated aluminum parts. The seat is an exclusive handmade light brown leather piece. 

All the paint job and color schemes (black and gold) were done with airbrush and then spayed with a thin layer of matte varnish. The license plate was mounted in a bracket with the tail lights, which are just 2 single Leds. On the front we fitted a small headlight, painted on the dominant color of the bike. Also the mount was custom made.

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