VIDEO | TOYOTA FJ40 by Petrolicious

O clássico FJ40 a ter o merecido destaque pelo Petrolicious. “I don’t see these as disposable, I see them as infinitely rebuildable,”      

VIDEO | Building Your Dream Ferrari is a beautiful thing

“I wanted to experience what they experienced, and I didn’t know any other way to do it except by trying to build a car like they had,” diz Peter Giacobbi, […]

VIDEO | The Triple Nickel

“I just knew I wanted to ride,” diz Stacie B. London neste video da Petrolicious. “I had a picture of the bike that I wanted in my head…and it was […]

VIDEO | Toyota Sports 800

The Toyota Sports 800 is the forefather of fun by Petrolicious.      

VIDEO | ALFA ROMEO Sprint Speciale

Texto trazido, na íntegra, para o Bons Rapazes via Petrolicious. In 1950, Mexico completed its stretch of the Pan-American Highway. To celebrate, the government organized La Carrera Panamericana, a race […]

VIDEO | Lancia 037 Group B

Mais um vídeo que nos chega com o selo de qualidade da Petrolicious. Que vontade eu tenho de fazer registos destes e tanto que há para se fazer só em […]

VIDEO | Equipped for adventure


The First Seat

O registo habitual da Petrolicious que chega até nós, com a qualidade irrepreensível de sempre. ” When Paul Cressey hits the track at Laguna Seca for the Monterey Historic races […]

VIDEO | The Ferrari 330 P4 is One Sexy Beast

“As much as any other car, the Ferrari 330 P4 is the embodiment and culmination of an entire era of racing. With its low-slung stance and voluptuous lines, it is […]

O Ferrari com mais vitórias de sempre

Este Ferrari TRC 625/250 é o carro com mais vitórias de sempre da Ferrari. Mais um vídeo com a qualidade habitual da Petrolicious que vos aconselhamos a ver.