VIDEO | ‘The Normal People’ por Dani Soares

O português Dani Soares em mais uma das suas curtas. Já falámos aqui no BR por duas vezes do seu trabalho e agora voltamos a destacar, com a curta realizada no ambiente que revive os anos 20 e 30 dos hotrods.

Every year people from all over the world meet in Wildwood, NJ to race their bikes and hotrods from the 1920’s and 1930’s on the beach, creating a MadMax like spectacle.
This film is about the wonderful characters behind all of it.

“The house, the wife, the dog, the cats, they are all gone, but this ain’t gonna go…”
Directed by: Daniel Soares
Director of Photography: Anna Franquesa Solano
Editor: Alvaro del Val, Daniel Soares
Producer: Morgan Edstrom
Original Score: Almkvist
Colorist: Maria Carretero, Carbon VFX
Sound Design & Mix: Brian Bernard
Music: Bror Gunnar Jansson

1st AC: John Henri Coene
Location Sound: Dave Tomkins
Color Assistant: Jacob McKee
Lettering: Alex Trochut
Post Production: Uppercut NYC & Carbon VFX

Special thanks:
All Racers & Organization of ‘The Race of Gentlemen’